About is an online magazine and inquiry system for tourists who visit Scandinavian and Baltic countries so that they would find necessary information about the country they are about to travel to and book accommodation or a restaurant.
The site aims to give quick access to information as well as a booking possibility; information about the countries and the attractive and modern visual side are both equally important.

Target audience:
Tourists who visit or plan to visit Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

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The site aims to be visually effective and offer quick and easy access to information about different enterprises as well as about the country a tourist is about to visit.

Content: contains articles to give an overview of Scandinavian and Baltic countries, people, sites and events.
It contains information about accommodation, restaurants, entertainment as well as suggestions as to what to do or what are the most important tourist sites. The site also has culture news: concerts, exhibitions etc.
Portrait articles introduce important people who are famous in their field and internationally known. The visitor finds interesting facts about each country as well as practical information and suggestions: local weather, customs and traditions, tax-free, emergency numbers etc.
Information and articles about an enterprise are accompanied by images that make the site more attractive. offers information about services, entertainment and shopping as well as lifestyle, trends, people, tourist sites and events. is a practical guide that is easy to understand and divided into theme sections to help a tourist plan how to best spend his/her money and time in Norway: accommodation, shopping places, restaurants and cafes, free time, culture, beauty services, local brands and products, nightlife etc The aim is to help both tourists who are planning either a short stay or who enjoy one or two weeks of holidays in Norway.
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